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Thanks in advance, Matt.


Your donation will help me to make more and even greater content to show you on the platform. Your donation will be used for the platform only and makes it possible for me to travel further around the Costa Brava, invest in better equipment and improve the overall quality of the platform.

I’ve set several goals to spend the donation to. This is equipment, personal growth or one of the community social goals.

Social Goals


Give away a large amount of flowers on the street.


Take 10 elderly or disabled people somewhere special.


Make it possible for people (who have difficulty paying for it) to go to English Classes.


Create jobs for people that live at the Costa Brava.


Give back to the communitie that has welcomed me with so much love.

Platform Goals


Finish the website.


Visit all the costal towns at the Costa Brava.


Convince 10.000 people to spent their vacation here.


Become the biggest and best place to find information for people visiting the Costa Brava


10.000 subscribers on YouTube


5.000 followers on Facebook

Personal Goals


Swim around the Medes Islands.


Get sponsors.


Get a car or camper van to travel around with.


Play a show in front of a crowd as a lead singer.



High performace editing laptop


Wireless microphone set

How It works

When a goal is achieved I’ll mark it as completed.

Goals will be updated when new ones comes to mind.

Support the Platform

Do you want to help me reach the goals quicker? It would help me a lot if you would like to do a donation to the platform.

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*Want to donate another way or send me a package? Please send me an email.

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