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 A unique platform about the Costa Brava.

Hi there!

I’m Matt and I’m here to show you the Costa Brava Vibes. I do this by writing stories, making photo’s and video’s. Posting them online for you to enjoy.

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The platform

Offers you information about the Costa Brava. From activities that you can do while visiting this amazing place. Where you can go to eat and drink, to rent your vacation apartment / house, jetski, kayak, or bicycle. You can find it here!

I try to

Show you as much of the Costa Brava as possible. While being on the move with my camera every day. Visiting the many beautiful places that you can find here in the area.

Much to discover

To show you everything there is, I’m constantly expanding the platform, and also the website.

Over time it will become a big website with a lot of information. Make sure to check it every once in a while to see what has changed.

Let’s go explore!

Please feel free to surf the website and discover the Costa Brava Vibes.

Hope to see you here soon.


Making Video

A big part of the platform is the video section. Every week I go out to show you what’s going on at the Costa Brava. On the Youtube channel, I have a few series that are updated all year around.

Be sure to check out the Vlogs, What to do at the Costa Brava, The Restaurant series or fly along with me in the Drone series.

It’s all available to watch here on the website or on the YouTube channel.


Matt EnlaCosta Video Costa Brava Vibes Present Watersport Filmmaker Youtube

Costa Brava Vibes

Free promotion


Working together with many different people is very important for the platform. Without collaborating with private persons, entrepreneurs and businesses I could not show you all the things I want to.

Making good video’s

If you are a business owner, an adventurer, or you organize some other kind of activity. Please fill out the form on the business page. So I can contact you to talk about the possibilities.

UNIQUE content

Photo’s, Reels and Stories


They always say you have to capture those special moments. That’s what I do and sharing them with you on Facebook. With pictures of the area or things that I’ve done combined with short stories. I take you back to those moments.


What is a world without Instagram? You would miss out on so many things. Instagram is a great place to see unique photos, reels and stories. Be sure to follow me there too for more unique Costa Brava content that you won’t see elsewhere on the platform.

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The latest addition to the platform is Pinterest. An amazing platform gives me the chance to show you something different. A place for me to experiment with content and grow it slowly.

I would love it if you will support me here too.

More to discover

New and Fresh !!!

Matt Enlacosta Costa Brava Vibes Spain Fast Moving Reporter
Matt EnlaCosta Police Estartit Spain Carnaval Costa Brava Vibes


I am always on the move and for that reason, the platform keeps receiving updates. From the post on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to the website.

I will be constantly adding new items to the website. It will never be finished and eventually will provide you with a huge amount of information about the Costa Brava.

Make sure to save this website as a favorite in your browser. That way you can visit the website when an update has been carried out.

Costa Brava Rental

My Selections

Looking for ...

An overview of activities, restaurants, hotel stays and airbnb.



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