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My name is Matt and I’m living in Estartit since november 2019. I love to make photos and videos about this amazing place trying to show you all the good spots here.

I like to

work together with as many people as I can. It doesn’t matter if you are an adventurer that likes to go out and explore the Costa Brava. Or if you are an entrepreneur who sells, rents or delivers some kind of service in the area.

Together we can

make the Costa Brava even more attractive than it already is. Be sure to send me a message by using the contact form on the website, posting a comment on a post on Social Media or sending me an email.

Like to know more?

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Why I started Costa Brava Vibes.

When I decided to come and live in l’Estartit I started to search the internet for information about the Costa Brava. It was hard to find good organized and valuable information. And even after months of searching, I didn’t know much.

At that time it was just me searching for information and I didn’t think much of it. Until I arrived here and within weeks I started to make videos. I thought it was nice to have a memory of those special moments when you just have made a life-changing step that is about to change everything.

But what is the fun of having hours of video footage and thousands of photo’s when you are not going to share it?! So when I made 4 video’s in one week about storm Gloria I felt the need to share them. That made me think about the best way to do that.

Remembering, what I discovered earlier, was that there was no place where you could find a lot of information. Somebody who shows the Costa Brava. So that day I’d set my goals and created the platform Costa Brava Vibes.


I’m the kind of guy that always sets goals for myself. Also, I have a few goals for the platform. All the goals are connected and finally will help me to reach my community social goals.

The platform is there to provide you information, but also for me to grow as a person. But I started CostaBravaVibes to do something for the community that has welcomed me with open arms. I want to do that by organizing English classes for the people that can’t afford it or taking people to places, do activities that normally wouldn’t be possible for them. To just name three of them. I have a lot more as you can see below.

About Costa Brava Vibes Matt Enlacosta


As someone who is publicly active on the internet I do get some questions from time to time. I have taken the time to make a list of them and answer them for you.

If your question isn’t listed here. Feel free to ask me any time.

Where do you live?

I live in l’Estartit, Costa Brava, Spain.

When did you move to Spain?

I moved to Spain on the 12th of november 2019 from the Netherlands.

What's your favorite activity to do?

To be honest..  I like togo to the beach and relax there, doing watersport, going out and enjoy the good life.
I also like to do nothing and sleep as much as possible. It seems hard to do the last things due to all the work I put into running the platform.


What town or city do you like the most at the Costa Brava?

All the town and cities have another vibe. I think I can’t choose just one. I juts like the whole Costa Brava.

What's your favorite Spanish food?

Let me answer that when I have tasted them all. But Pizza, burgers and paella are on the list of nominees.

What's your favorite drink.

Coffee and water during the day. At night Desperado, wine , Bacardi/Cola or Sangria.

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