Covid Passport, PCR test and Masks to spend your vacation in Spain?

mei 3, 2021 | Vlog, L'Estartit

Covid Passport, PCR tests and Masks to spend your vacation in Spain?

Do you need a Covid Passport and masks when coming to Spain for your summer vacation? That a question that’s on a lot of people’s minds these days. Today I’m telling you what the government is working on and what might happen this summer.

We start the video out on the beach of l’Estartit. I found myself a good recording spot at Beach Bar Sanchez. After that, we go through town on our way to Old Ambient to enjoy some nice music and drinks.

Oh. I almost forgot. This week it was the Dutch King’s birthday and at Unic we had a little celebration with a part of the Dutch community here.

Grand Cafe Unic.
Old Ambient.


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